Dr. Sue YouTubes

YouTube Links for a Few of Dr. Sue's Paranormal Investigations:
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Bell Witch of Mississippi

Best of Thomas House 2012-2014

West Virginia State Penitentiary

Links frpm investigations at three major sites where Emmett Till was tortured and urdered in 1955; links are in the order in which they appear in WHITE FEATHERS FROM EMMETT

  1. Voices from Courtroom at the Sumner Courthouse
  2. A Fun-Loving Emmett
  3. White Feathers from Emmett, White Feather #1
  4. White Feather #2, Seed Shed at Drew, MS
  5. The White Dove
  6. White Feather #3
  7. Final Feather Falls
  8. The Bridge (Black Bayou) 9/7/2017

*Dr. Sue’s youtube account is under Sue Clifton. Dr. Sue welcomes all viewers.